Prime Video mocks the Netflix password sharing ban

    Prime Video mocks the Netflix password sharing ban

    as you know now, Netflix Continue with her plan to Prohibit password sharingWith the goal of increasing profits by getting groups of people to create individual accounts. It’s clearly not a policy that consumers like, considering that until a few years ago, Netflix was in favor of this measure. Now, another video streaming service has decided to get some publicity by mocking its competition. Let’s talk about Head of the videosmore precisely than its British version on Twitter.

    As you can see below, UK Premier Video Share a meme. Displays the Prime Video login screen with six different accounts registered. When asked “Who is watching?” , the answer consists of account names, or “anyone has our password,” with a little heart at the end.

    Not only that, the tweet is now a response The infamous Netflix tweet from 2017 in which he stated that “love shares a password”. This statement sure hasn’t aged well.

    Obviously, as mentioned, UK Premier Video She is taking advantage of her rival’s moment of vulnerability to get some publicity. He’ll probably be in the same position a few years from now as this tweet becomes a subject of mockery on its own.

    Only time will tell how that goes, but for now, Amazon Prime UK’s tweet is (unfortunately) funny.

    The similarity between Prime and Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčthat they both carry games on their own services. In the case of Netflix, we remind you of the free games in May 2023: one of them is coming next week.

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