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    Thought related to the situation of Chinese tennis player Shuai Bing. The same idea could be Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, for a diplomatic boycott that does not harm the participation of athletes from those countries.

    Monday December 6 at 16:10

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spoken about the idea of ​​boycotting the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in the interest of human rights. His inextricable bond is linked to tennis and specifically to Shuai Bing. After the WTA announced the suspension of tournaments in China due to Peng’s health conditions, the entire world moved to find out more and Australia is considering taking the step towards China.

    It would be a diplomatic boycott that would not put athletes at risk from participating in the Olympics. The idea that has emerged in recent weeks joins three other countries that intend to follow in the Australians’ footsteps: the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. A decision that could partially jeopardize the upcoming Winter Olympics. The current situation is reminiscent of a boycott of the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow, but it failed at that juncture. According to rumors, the Australians would like to set an example for the whole world in the cause of human rights, and with the Brisbane 2032 Olympics in the near future they plan to use it as an example.

    As we approach the Olympics on the 4th of February, it remains to be understood what the final decisions of the countries will be in the hope that everything will go in the right direction.

    David Sarti

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