Prices, climate and savings beyond the tipping point – Il Tempo

    Prices, climate and savings beyond the tipping point – Il Tempo

    Mild early winter temperatures, higher natural gas prices and even imposed savings measures (in addition to those intended to avoid stinging bills) dampened consumption. The gap compared to 2021 is noteworthy, but it has recorded the highest values ​​in the past ten years. This is shown by Staffetta Gas, Staffetta Quotidiana’s monthly supply and demand service. After 2021 at the highest level in the past ten years, 2022 closes with a major crash. In the year that just ended, volumes passing through Italian pipelines were 9.5% lower than in 2021 and 2.8% below the average for the past ten years (2012 to 2021), with the industrial sector in deep red (-15.3). %) followed by the civilian (-13.4%). The consumption of thermal plants – which compensated for the collapse of hydroelectricity – decreased by only 3.1%.

    Compared to 2021, all months of the year, except February and March, recorded a double-digit decline from September onwards: -21.6 in the last quarter of the year, with November down nearly 25%. In 2022, according to Staffetta Quotidiana’s explanations on data from Snam Rete Gas, Italy consumed just under 69 billion cubic meters (68.991 to be more precise), 2 billion cubic meters less than the decade average and 7.2 billion more than in 2021, which recorded the highest value in the last ten years, although it was just over 9.8 billion from the all-time high of 2005: 86.1 billion cubic metres.

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