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Preziosi sold Genoa, a griffin company bought by 777 Partners, an American fund

Preziosi sold Genoa, a griffin company bought by 777 Partners, an American fund

As mentioned GazetaAfter more than eighteen years, the Genoese have changed their masters. From a reliable source, it was learned that President Enrico Preziosi signed this morning the sale of the entire package of shares of the Rosobli club to the American fund 777 Partners, which already owns in European football a 6% stake in Seville. Preziosi acquired Grifone in the summer of 2003, saved it from bankruptcy, and covered with its own resources a deficit of 27 million euros at the time, thereby avoiding the company’s financial collapse.

In the next few hours, perhaps as early as tomorrow, there will be the official announcement of the sale and presentation of the new property. President Preziosi will not retain any stake in Genoa, but will only hold an institutional position, presumably for the next three years, starting with the relations between Club Rossoblo and Lega Calcio. This concludes a very long cycle of corporate governance: no president in Genoa’s history has actually run the club for nearly twenty years. From tomorrow another story begins.

The Miami-based 777 Partners initially applied their expertise to underwriting and financing complex assets, then diversified into a broad spectrum of financial services firms, asset creators, technology and financial services providers.

In recent years, as Calcio e Finanza writes, the company has expanded its mandate, investing in various sectors, including insurance, aviation and entertainment. 777 Partners offers a portfolio of 49 companies, among which many names directly related to the sports field stand out, such as Media 1190 Sports and Fanatiz, the women’s football promotion company Ata Football or the main basketball club in the capital of the United Kingdom, the Lions of London.

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