Home science Preventing and treating back pain with two effective exercises

Preventing and treating back pain with two effective exercises

Preventing and treating back pain with two effective exercises

The spine and spine are the supporting base of our body. It consists of vertebrae, intervertebral discs, ligaments, and muscles. It has a solid structure, but at the same time it is a fragile part that is subjected to stress and is subject to many diseases. Every day, on average, the spine undergoes about 2,000 miles and movement of all kinds. Let’s see what are the main causes of more or less serious problems and lumps.

Common causes of back pain


All kinds of pains and problems can be summed up in 7 different categories:

  • sudden or violent movements that cause sharp pain and blockage in the lower part, which leads to lower back pain;
  • Bad posture when sitting in front of the computer on the couch. These situations press intervertebral discs, they pull on ligaments and muscles resulting in unpleasant contractions;
  • Crushing a nerve between two vertebrae causes pain in the neck and cervix between the shoulder and the arm. Then it radiates into the lumbar part and the leg, which is the famous sciatica.
  • An abnormal and obvious curvature of the spine.
  • Not having one Strong back muscles where the ligaments are inflexible and cause pain for some movements;
  • Erosion of intervertebral discs that no longer perform the function of shock absorbers. It hurts when we sit, walk, and sneeze.
  • An inflammatory reaction that irritates the spinal nerves.

Preventing and treating back pain with two effective exercises

The solutions that really work in our best interest are targeted movement and pain relievers. Mental and physical relaxation to combat stress are essential to treating back pain.

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In the case of sciatica, there are stretching exercises that relieve back pain and can prevent and treat back pain with two effective exercises:

  • We sit on the mat with the buttocks attached to the heels, we extend the back. We extend our hands forward as far as possible and remain in this position for a few minutes. Let’s get up and then gently stretch the shaft and raise the head like another;
  • We stretch the thighs, stretching the back. We use a large scarf that we place under the soles of the feet to position the legs vertically. Keep the legs as straight as possible and use the scarf to bring the feet forward. We hold this position for 30 seconds, 1 minute maximum.

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