Pra’, the Alessandro Mantero memorial is back. In twenty years more than 750 thousand euros have been donated –

     Pra', the Alessandro Mantero memorial is back.  In twenty years more than 750 thousand euros have been donated -

    In twenty years, in memory of an extraordinary boy who was called Alessandro ManteroShe gathers her friends and friends in the association AleMante Friendsraised more than 750,000 euros to be allocated to various solidarity initiatives and to be allocated to various donations, in particular to the Children’s Hospital “Gianina Gaslini”.

    It’s a huge sum, 750,000 euros, huge as, over the years, AleMante’s friends have become more and more numerous, more and more organized, more and more enthusiastic, coherent, united. Unforgettable editions ofAleMante Festival they moved Prague respect squad, with famous national artists (intervening for free) and with the inevitable food stalls and sporting initiatives. Then the epidemic came to try to eradicate everything. But without success at all.

    2020 and 2021 for the AleMante friends were just a pause, to reboot better, even stronger, and more insistent. And here then, finally, the nineteenth edition returns in Monument to Alessandro Mantero (also third Gianni Mantero Cup), which are very important and popular football tournaments involving different lifters, both male and female, which will debut with the scoreboard on Saturday, August 27 at the Sports Stadium. c. ferandothanks for the hospitality fruits, to end on Saturday 24th September with the finals. The initiative is sponsored Seventh Poniente Town Hall Wearing the perfect AleMante Friends T-shirt, dozens and dozens of volunteers who participated are seen lining the stands these days.

    Yes, because, in addition to sports (since Alessandro Mantero was a very promising footballer), AleMante means being well together and now means the famous “maxi-pizzas” that are prepared every night for hundreds of people.

    The pizzeria will – say the organizers – remain open on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August, every Friday and Saturday in September and also on Sunday 4 and Sunday 11 September. This year also we are raising money to go to charity.”

    The “service,” the goal for 2022, is to purchase a heart massager “for emergency use in obstetrics and gynecology for cardiopulmonary maneuvers, which we will donate to the institute.” “Gianina Gaslini”. Furthermore, this year we also have several accompanying events scheduled, including music, dance and entertainment.”

    The program is defined. There will definitely be a dance school your swing, for a fun evening on September 2, from 7.30pm onwards; And then, on Friday, September 23 at 9.30 p.m. the show between music and readings titled cleatsPosted by bloggers Manuela MonacoAnd the Manuel Bova And the Alberto Prozon And dedicated to the world of football (with a gentle “dribbling” in three voices), with songs translated by the duo Breeze. sky divingthat’s by saying Francesca Bambara And the Simon Beseri.

    The ball to start over, but also the stands and above all the fun of sharing: everyone will do their part, as always. It also happened in 2020 and 2021: because it is true that there were no AleMante Friends signed events, but the solidarity certainly did not stop. In full force, thirty thousand euros were collected for two respirators for the lungs, one for the hospital “evangelical” From Voltry The other is dedicated to “Villa Scasi” From Samperdarinaand other funds to donate face masks to public aid VoltryAnd the overland And the Bigley. And in 2021, more than sixteen thousand euros, again to the hospital “Gaslini” And to buy important equipment. Now we return to existence, to the slogan “Adelante, AleMante”. There is always a long way to go. And the joy of doing it together, and even more.

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