Pot Botta in Brescia happened to meet a mongoose

    Furetto furetti domestici Pot Pota Brescia
    Ferret Dominic Ferrets Boat Botta Brescia

    Brescia. The Furettomania Onlus organized on Sunday 13 November at the Beato Palazzolo harmonious oratory in Via Giovanni Asti (via Via San Zeno) “Pot Pota”, an event intended to provide information on the mongoose. The title which is a collision between the typical interlayer of breccia and the onomatopoeia of the animal (pot bowl) but also a declaration of intent: to bring the population closer to this mustard, a close relative of martens and martens (but not of rodents), widespread as a pet in the United States and England.
    In the chapel rooms there will be many rodents With members and enthusiasts who will bring their animals. However, many recreational and cultural initiatives will be organized by the association during the day. For example, a small beauty contest is planned where beauty standards will be used to explain to the owners all the details of proper management (and not, therefore, for purely aesthetic purposes). Only healthy samples registered in the mongoose registry (with an electronic chip) can participate. Strict veterinary oversight is to be expected.
    Then the volunteers set up a series of games to entertain even the rodents (from agility courses to tube running) while different tools will always be available. Water bottles, slippers, small hammocks for cage but also real handcrafted products sewn and designed by Tuscan art group “Forbeto Crezione”. Not forgetting the timeless charity hunting game.
    Pot Pota will also be an opportunity for some in-depth meetings. At 11:30, a journalist will interview veterinarian Kiomars Khedifi to clarify and explore the relationship between Nems and Covid. Portability, risk and manageability will be the core themes reinforced by the latest scientific literature for the sector worldwide. Khadivi, who operates in Milan, is one of the leading experts on exotic rodents and animals. Moreover, a special focus on ferret nutrition is expected to go into the most important details of the correct intake of the animal. Very valuable tips and best practices.
    The event will take place at the Beato Palazzolo Theater on easily accessible 21 Giovanni Asti From the train station, take bus line 4 in front of the station and get off at the “Via San Zeno” stop. The journey takes about 7 minutes. For those arriving in Brescia by car, on the other hand, the exit from the A4 is Brescia Centro and from ring road No. 7 Folzano / San Zeno Naviglio. The journey from the toll booth takes approximately 5 minutes.

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