Home Tech Postepay, how much money can you transfer and how to do it?

Postepay, how much money can you transfer and how to do it?

Postepay, how much money can you transfer and how to do it?

Owning PostePay, which is nothing more than a reloadable Poste Italiane card, can provide endless advantages. Thanks to the computerization of the “Post Office System”, all operations, if done online, are fast and easy.


PostePay standard, which has evolved over the years into PostePay Evolution, Basically represents The perfect combination of a bank account, having an IBAN to make and receive transfers, and a credit card

Although it does not have the full functionality of either, Post Pay, in its most innovative version, On the one hand, it is part of the MasterCard-Visa circuit, just like a credit card. Then you are allowed Online shopping and “swiping” in stores. With the only difference The bank does not give you money Which you must return in installments or after 30 days. But you are the one who regulates your consumption and availability By reloading the subsequent payment. On the other hand, even if it is not a bank account, you can afford to have a direct line with those who have a bank account. And therefore You can receive bank payments and at the same time make payments to bank accounts yourself. Considering that among all the functions of the Poste Italiane application or the Poste Italiane website, it also appears The ability to make transfers. But not only that, thereThe fastest processes are related to “instant communication” between PostePay and another.

From Postepay to Postepay: an endless world of possibilities

Connected, Reloading another postpaid card by transferring money from your card is really easy. And above all it takes a few minutes and Instant money transfer. Always through the Italian Post Office website or app, once you register and get an account you can for example Quickly charge your card or someone else’s card. Where can I withdraw money? But from another credit card of course, Or better yet another subsequent payment, from which you can withdraw. You enter your account, enter your credentials, check balance and list your deferred payment transaction. At this point we move to one Top up a card, which may also be yours, the one we entered. It is clear that one cannot withdraw money from oneself, to give it to oneself. for this reason To top up your card online, you generally rely on a bank credit card. The circuit must be the same as your deferred payment method, Visa or MasterCard.

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Being a prepaid and rechargeable card, The only inconvenience faced by its user is the need to constantly renew it. But with online transactions, if, as mentioned earlier, you have a credit card with a bank credit, It is not necessary to leave the house To go to the tobacconist’s bar to pay in cash or to the post office.

Poste Italiane prepaid job limitations and benefits

The risk of your subsequent payment being cloned is frequent. surfing the Internet, exposing yourself to various subscriptions, constantly inserting your card, There is a risk that once there is some money, it will be taken from us. It is better to be careful and look for ways not to register and subscribe everywhere, so as not to take risks Subjecting the card to a continuous automatic withdrawal. It is also important that in our deferred payment system there is only the money we need for these Immediate operations within 1-2 days.

By reloading the amount to be used, unjustified and illegal deductions from the balance are avoided. This is in light of online purchases that can often expose the consumer to the possibility The card is reproduced.

Transferring money from one subsequent payment to another is an instant process, But it is a real “financial measure”, So there are rules and restrictions that must be respected. The payment follows the same procedures as any other payment and credit card. It follows this If the amount to be paid is less than 25 euros, the card holder does not need to enter the PIN. This is true in shops and supermarkets.

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What about setting numbers? TheThe maximum balance increase that can be made on the PostePay standard is 3000 euros, In practice coincides with the maximum ceiling of the card. Over the course of one year, it is possible to increase the amount of € 50,000.00 annually, with the total number of cards registered in the name of the same card holder being reloaded.

The same applies to transferring money from card to card: the credit limit of the card is always taken into account.


Do not forget that transactions are not only done online. But also from the counter, you can also transfer money from one deferred payment to another via ATM. In fact, just walk out of the post office where you will find ATM machines And you can quickly top up money from one rechargeable device to another at a cost of 1 euro.

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