Postepay, 500 euros less at the expense of these customers: don’t like it either

    Postepay, 500 euros less at the expense of these customers: don’t like it either

    It is a widespread scam and is affecting Postepay cardholders. It is an SMS that leads to the subtraction of 500 euros.

    A man withdraws money at the post office
    A man withdraws money at

    post payment It is a prepaid card issued by the Italian Banking Group Italian Post. It is a very popular payment method in Italy and it allows you to do just that online shoppingWithdraw money from ATMs, make payments in physical stores and send money to other people.

    The Postepay card is rechargeable, which means that the user can add money to the card at any time by recharging at the post office or via the online service.

    Moreover, Postepay can be used Also abroadbut may be subject to additional fees.

    This is used by millions of users in our country rechargeable cardHowever, not everyone knows that there are risks associated with its use.

    A man is a victim of an SMS scam

    post payment

    In fact, this year has seen a series of scams online and also via Postepay. authors, via the Internet or SMSmanaged to illegally obtain money from unfortunate people.

    A person from Castelleone (Cremona) is at the center of the case under discussion. The authorities have identified and denounced the perpetrators responsible for this particular scam.

    Two Italians, respectively, were accused of the crime Their ages range from 58 to 21 years oldThey live in the provinces of Frosinone and Naples.

    Unfortunately, the victim of this scam is unlikely to be able to recover the money stolen from him.

    In December 2022, a man arrives at the barracks for Report a scam. The victim had a Postepay prepaid card and received a text message on his cell phone telling him to click on a link. Unfortunately, the link did for a fraudulent act.

    Once the person concerned Open linka page appeared very similar to the one he usually uses to perform routine transactions through Postepay.

    offender’s complaint

    To access his Postepay, the man had entered, as he had been doing, in Account password.

    Shortly thereafter, he received a call from someone who claimed to be there employee from the post office.

    Pay post scam is a scam

    This person claimed that someone was trying to access their card through a different device and that as an operator, was trying to block access.

    This anonymous person informed the victim that they will receive several payment requests, all of which will be accepted and confirmed. As a result, the victim authorized total payments About 500 euros.

    The attacker then instructed the victim to remove the Poste Italiane app from her device, followed by a sign Subsequent reinstallation.

    This tactic was used to buy time, giving the attacker many opportunities to get away with the victim’s money.

    At some point in this story, the victim found out They don’t have more money available on her card, reluctantly realizing that she has been scammed by an online scam known as Fake SMS.

    He immediately closed his card and reported the incident. Thanks to the phone numbers that scammers use to contact you and the people involved in the stolen money transaction, the carabinieri was able to to track down the perpetrators from the scam. Both have been reported.

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