Home Tech PosteMobile switches to Vodafone network (and seems to be getting worse)

PosteMobile switches to Vodafone network (and seems to be getting worse)

PosteMobile switches to Vodafone network (and seems to be getting worse)
PosteMobile switches to Vodafone

PosteMobile decided to exploit the Vodafone network again. An important move is the move of the virtual operator which brings with it many protests from virtual customers. The MVNO network lanes are never simple, especially when you have a large subscriber base who disagree with the company choice. The risk is always losing users. PosteMobile as the MVNO chose to use the Vodafone network. The reasons why Poste group chose the red manager again are not entirely clear but in this post we try to explain all the changes in PosteMobile and the related consequences.

But why is Poste switching to Vodafone?

Since PosteMobile is a virtual operator, i.e. does not have a private network, it can decide to enter into a contract with a global telephone operator to take advantage of its network, using National Roaming. However, we cannot know the economic agreements between the company and the phone operator.

However, what we do know is that VPN operators are distinctly more dynamic and can change conventions and networks, depending on which offerings are more or less useful you suggest A large company. Kina, a Vodafone creature, and Tim exploit their company’s networks. However, for all other Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), the choice is free and varies according to the agreements that are made. It must be said that PosteMobile knows Vodafone well because the Poste group was in fact connected to its network.

How to switch from PosteMobile to Vodafone

What should PosteMobile customers expect? How to switch to Vodafone? The transition to the Vodafone network in the PosteMobile network is gradual for old customers, while new customers connect directly to the Vodafone network. At the beginning of the summer, the connection to the network and the agreement with Vodafone officially began, and as we mentioned at the beginning, this does not please everyone. There are many users who reported network problems after switching from WindTre to Vodafone.

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However, customers don’t have to do anything, let’s say it’s a two-company process for a completely automatic transition. If something goes wrong, just set the Airplane mode for a minute and then go back to the normal network or restart your mobile.


We mentioned mobile virtual operators a little while ago. So it is good to explain the difference between FULL MVNO and ESP MVNO. This is because it has a different effect on network lanes. In order not to confuse you, we will simply call them FULL and ESP. FULL as the word itself says is the most advanced version of ESP, so they can issue their own sim card and manage the entire platform independently. For this reason, in the case of FULLs, the network is quietly passed between companies without directly involving customers.

On the other hand, the electrostatic precipitator is usually small managers who force the customer, in the event of a change in the network, to replace the SIM card, the procedure is similar to the portability of numbers. PosteMobile at the beginning of its career with the transition from Vodafone to Wind had to make portability for its users. Today PosteMobile is a complete MVNO that can directly manage network lanes without annoying multiple users.

So what should a PosteMobile customer do with this switch to Vodafone? Simply nothing. The Poste group will take care of the remote connection with Vodafone, and the customer is free from any task, if there are any difficulties due to network signal and coverage.

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But which is better for PosteMobile customers: WindTre or Vodafone?

As we often say, there is no objective data on network coverage, especially in a territory like ours, which consists of mountains, cities and rural areas where there are no network coverage problems. Each area is unique, the ideal is to always check the signal in your home, ask the neighborhood, who has the operator you are interested in, otherwise you can check yourself by creating one speed test.

PosteMobile, as mentioned, is not new to changes in the support network. If we go and see its history, it debuted with the Vodafone network, then moved to Wind and automatically with Wind and Tre merging, to the single WindTre network. Of course, all these changes can confuse customers and generate some discontent, especially among veterans.

Those who purchase a PosteMobile SIM will now connect directly to Vodafone. To be clear, however, we remind you that PosteMobile is a completely standalone phone operator. sim from Poste, complaints from Poste, phone deals from Poste. Vodafone has nothing to do with PosteMobile customer tariff plan or phone top up.

PostePay app

Almost all phone companies have an application where you can check all the information about your tariff plan. As we said a while ago, for PosteMobile customers, the reference for each type of operation should be the Poste group: post offices for those who want to go in person or a web page, but more convenient (especially if you have a Connect Sim Plan + Evolution Card) is the app. PostePay where you can find all the information related to your accounts and your simcard.

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You can charge your SIM online, manage plan rates and offers from the comfort of your home, on your smartphone or tablet. As far as network coverage is concerned, it’s up to you to let us know how things are going and whether you’ve noticed any changes for better or worse. What do you think of this move from PosteMobile from the WindTre network to the Vodafone network? Are you a PosteMobile customer? Have you experienced deterioration in coverage?

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