Poste Italiane Find out what happens by pressing the 9 key in Postamat: unbelievable

    Poste Italiane Find out what happens by pressing the 9 key in Postamat: unbelievable
    Automated teller machine post office

    Thanks to the European trend towards digitization, banking, bureaucratic and administrative services in Italy are changing radically, making procedures faster and more efficient.

    Although electronic payments are becoming increasingly popular, especially among new generations, many cash lovers still withdraw money from ATMs, which is why Poste Italiane decided to update it.

    As also defined by the PNRR (National Plan for Recovery and Resilience), during these years Italy had to modernize its procedures for the distribution of documents, goods and services, and for this very reason, entities such as the INPS, the Revenue Agency and even the Health files can be consulted in their entirety via web portals accessed with SPID credentials or CIE or CNS.

    The atmosphere of renewal also included Poste Italiane, which created an absolute novelty for all those who go to Postamat branches to collect their pension money or perhaps their salary using only their smartphone. The new service offered by Poste is completely innovative and is already active in all Italian Postamats.

    The new cardless feature will allow Poste account holders to leave their card at home, avoiding, among other things, the risk of the card being cloned, stolen or suspended within Postamat.

    How can I withdraw money from Postamat without a card

    To start enjoying this opportunity, you will have to download the BancoPosta or PostePay apps and log in with your credentials. If you want to withdraw an amount of money, you can start the application and select the “Withdraw without card” option, at this point, after pressing the 9 key on the ATM numeric keypad, you will have to wait for the QR code to appear.

    Cardless withdrawal

    By framing the QR-Code with your smartphone’s camera, all cards in your possession will appear on the app to allow the account holder to choose where to withdraw money from. Once you have identified the card, simply select the desired amount and authorize the transaction by scanning your fingerprint or PosteID pin code.

    The withdrawal limit with this new method does not change from the traditional limit, so as a general rule you cannot exceed 500 € per day or 1000 € per month, however this limit can change depending on the contract stipulated with Poste Italiane, therefore it is always advisable to consult With the contract or ask for help via chat or at post offices.

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