Post-consumer recycled plastic solutions are increasingly being offered

    Post-consumer recycled plastic solutions are increasingly being offered

    The introduction of a plastic package tax in the UK is soon (see FreshPlaza 3/24/2022), and the companies involved will soon have to pay fines or meet requirements regarding the materials used.

    The tax on the production and import of plastic packaging containing less than 30% PCR (post-consumer recycled material) will come into effect on April 1, 2022.

    To meet the growing demand, KM Packaging has launched PCR product solutions in the following ranges:

    • K Peel: Provides greater comfort with re-sealable cover membranes.
    • K Foil: The perfect partner for aluminum trays.
      K Seal: A safe packaging solution, which reduces the risk of leakage.

    All specifications for PCR-containing products (derived from mechanical processes) meet the minimum content of 30% required to avoid taxation.

    KM can then provide customers with a complete offer to meet their PCR requirements. The product range features re-sealable and weldable PET PCR cover films. There are suitable solutions for welding on CPET, Mono CPET, APET, RPET, PP and aluminum trays (not coated or coated).

    Additionally, anti-fog and PCR films suitable for vegetarians are available.

    Designed for recycling
    KM Packaging’s PCR mechanical cap films are all suitable for refrigerated and “remove before heating” applications.

    Another advantage is that most of KM’s PCR products are rated as 95%+ mono-material specification and are designed for recycling.

    Under current legislation, cover film experts can also offer chemically derived polymerase chain reaction (PCR) solutions in their K Peel and K Foil ranges, suitable for microwave and oven heating. However, chemically derived polymerase chain reaction (PCR) solutions will not benefit from any tax exemptions. This is clearly under review.

    Plastic packaging will be taxed at a rate of £200 per ton, and it is believed that some companies may initially find it cheaper than investing in PCR for its packaging.

    However, competitor actions, customer preferences and companies’ sustainability goals will also influence factors when companies in the UK and global markets consider the value of using PCR in their packaging.

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