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Pokémon cards arrive in Happy Meal – Nerd4.life

Pokémon cards arrive in Happy Meal - Nerd4.life

The Cart Dell GCC Pokemon about to arrive in happy Meal subordinate McDonald’s From all over Italy, as of Friday 27 August.

The ad came directly from official site and come social From the Italian division of the fast food chain known as a teaser. right after that millennium pokemon revealed that during the promotion it will be possible to collect 25 cards Pokémon that includes the inevitable Pikachu and starters from each region, such as Charmander, Chikorita, Treecko, Froakie, etc.

Pokemon cards from the new McDonald's Italy offer
Pokemon cards from the new McDonald’s Italy offer

As we can see from the photo taken at an Italian McDonald’s, every Happy Meal will contain a bag containing quattro From the above 25 cards plus a “surprise gift”. Each card will be 3D and contain the 25th Anniversary logo of the Pokémon series.

So it’s an initiative very similar to the one seen in the US a few months ago, with fans breaking into McDonald’s at the time to get the full set. We don’t know until the promotion for Pokemon cards is available in Italy, so if you want to “catch them all” you have to take advantage of them while you’re at the right time. Obviously avoid overeating!

Meanwhile, Pokémon GO is gearing up for a new Community Day that will see Oshawott’s watery start.

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