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    Poke House, la startup del poke Already present in Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK and France with more than 75 buildings, it becomes The first shareholder in One of the famous brands in California, Sweet Vin, known as the twitching pioneer and commander vegetable bowl in the United States of America. Foodtech was born at the end of 2018 from the idea of ​​two young entrepreneurs Matthew Picci e Vitoria ZanettiThis brings the number of the group’s brands to 90, a number set to grow even more in anticipation of the 80 new openings in Europe and the United States, with the potential to reach a turnover of more than 100 million euros.

    Poke House, which closed in 2021 with over €40 million in revenue, will support Sweetfin’s development in the US in the coming years between the West Coast – where Sweetfin already has 14 locations between Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Texas and Arizona, and through Sharing technology knowledge, one of the most important strategic assets of the Poke House business model, along with Connecting. Home delivery – one of the success factors of Poke House on the Old Continent – will also play a central role in the United States.

    The success of Poke House is, in fact, based on a hybrid model, a Halfway between retail and digital, Where the technological component plays an essential role: a The multi-channel system is developed in-house (Click & Collect, Apps, Payment Systems), Crm Proprietary Program with Loyalty Program Has Thousands of Users and Data Reliance It allowed the company to quickly intercept consumption trends and quickly adapt its offering in 5 different countries. In addition, Poke House takes a deep approach to digital orders: it analyzes data from third-party delivery platforms to understand how variables such as ratings, preparation time, and average order duration affect your store’s business volumes.

    “Operation with Sweetfin not only has a strong strategic value for Poke House, but also has an extraordinary symbolic value. The idea from which the Poke House was born takes an idea of ​​its own.” Inspiration during my travels between California and Florida And where in 2017 I got acquainted with Sweetfin and tried it. A unique and distinctive style from the point of view of culinary and architecture: fresh, tasty and high-quality dishes served in a context designed to express, in every detail, this positive and sunny mood typical of the West Coast. It’s a closing circle.” – comments Vittoria Zanetti, co-founder of Poke House.

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