PlayStation State of Play, is this the reveal lineup? Many doubts about the latest leak

     PlayStation State of Play, is this the reveal lineup?  Many doubts about the latest leak

    As the expectations of the PS4 and PS5 community grow for PlayStation State of Play on June 2The leaker has positioned himself on social media on what, according to him, will be the list of ads for the important media event organized by Sony.

    The author of this new batch of rumors about the next show prepared by SIE is the user known on social networks as “Xbox_Series_XS”, a leaker who, from the description of his account, refers to the playful nature and sarcastic From his posts on the topic of games.

    In the list shared by in-house designers, we find some of the most awaited games by PS4 and PlayStation 5 gamers, such as Cats Adventure. strayOpen world RPG foresbook or noisy Resident Evil 4 remake. The list prepared by the leaker also includes the PS VR 2 version of COD Modern Warfare 2Daemonium trailer, video and first trailer for the game Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

    • Project Destroyed – Trailer Ad
    • Stray – Ultimate Trailer
    • Street Fighter 6 – Final Trailer
    • Eve Project – Trailer
    • Forspoken – Trailer Story
    • The Little Devil Is Inside – Gameplay Trailer
    • Tchia – Trailer Story
    • PlayStation VR2 – Panoramic video
    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 + PS VR2 Edition – Announcement Announcement
    • Resident Evil Village: Last Hope Update + PS VR2 Edition – Gameplay Demo
    • Avatar Frontiers of Pandora + PS VR2 Edition – Game Show
    • Daemonium + PS VR2 Edition – Trailer
    • Resident Evil 4 – Teaser Trailer

    As for the many uncertainties arising from the satirical nature of the messages usually shared by the leaker, more critical issues arise in this group related, for example, to the suspiciously large number of Capcom video games or to the existence of titles, as in the case of Tchia has recently been postponed to 2023 Complete with new gameplay video.

    Not as in this case, so we invite our readers to take this kind of bogus indiscretion with caution, regardless of the media resonance and social popularity generated by the leaks in question.

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