PlayStation Plus February 2023 Free games appear in advance

    PlayStation Plus February 2023 Free games appear in advance

    Video game lore can’t seem to let go of 2023, because the full list of Free February games coming to PlayStation Plus, Through the usual source that reveals to me monthly free games coming.

    Games that, as you know, are included in the subscription service by Sony (which you can find here on Amazon) which are updated every month.

    the 2023 I’ve already started with one Selection of games This is really important For a few more days you can download.

    List now on schedule expected through the usual leakageeven before the ad arrives Free games January 2023 It was correctly detected.

    Again the same source reveals to us Preview games for free which will appear in February 2023 within the services you provide PlayStation Plus.

    Belbel ConThis is the account at the center of the repeated leak that has been exposed again Twitter List of games offered:

    the Free games february 2023 width would be:

    • Primordial world (PS5|PS4)
    • The definitive edition of Mafia (PS4)
    • evil dead game (PS5|PS4)
    • Destiny 2 Beyond the Light [DLC] (PS5|PS4)

    Really not a bad choice given that Primordial world It is relatively recent and The definitive edition of Mafia The address remains very importantalbeit older.

    However, there is an important note to this last title, which is that In some areas it may not be present.

    Obviously we just have to wait for it The usual PlayStation Plus confirmation Which, if all goes as usual, will likely give more credibility to this repeated leak.

    Anyway, it’s almost time to find out which games will be downloadable From February 7th to March 6th to all subscribers.

    If nothing else, we have another certainty, which is that A February There will be addresses The PlayStation Plus catalog will be deposited: Here any.

    And for experimental games out there Really very important titleor The Last of Us Part One that you can try partially.

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