PlayStation exclusive and various details from a questionable “internal chip” –

    PlayStation exclusive and various details from a questionable

    More details appear on Silent Hill 2 Remakeor at least what could be the remake of the second chapter of Konami, after what appeared yesterday among the rumors, with Information on mePlayStation Exclusive And other features of the game.

    Yesterday, we saw the alleged first images of Silent Hill 2 Remake in development at Bloober Team, although the game was never confirmed, while new details emerge from a questionable chip added to the various leaked information, visible in this is the address.

    While the images look real, as confirmed by several insiders including Dusk Golem, although referring to a project that is still in its initial stage and we don’t know what its fate will be, the new “chip” raises more than doubt, but is interesting because it brings Information about the PlayStation exclusive and some changes made to the original.

    It reads that Silent Hill 2 Remake has to be One year exclusive console on PS4 and PS5So, it’s temporarily exclusive only to other consoles, as it’s also expected on PC at launch anyway. The slide also notes that the remake of Silent Hill 2 is just one of three projects Konami has planned to relaunch the series, which also includes a new chapter in its own right, which is Silent Hill 5 and various forms of collaboration with independent teams for small projects, known as Silent Hill Short Stories.

    As for Silent Hill 2 Remake features, the slide shows a general reworking of AI and animation, as well as new puzzles redesigned to better fit into the game’s narrative structure and Two new endings that haven’t been released.

    The information may be plausible, but the chip itself – although not yet convincingly denied – is definitely Doubtful: It’s actually an excessive amount of information entered on one page and placed in a confusing manner, along with other strange details like the word “secret” in red.

    Seems like some kind of typical parody someone did based on all the rumors released so far is more than an authentic document, but we’ll keep an eye on that.

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