Playing your PlayStation in the car is now possible, and here’s how

    Playing your PlayStation in the car is now possible, and here’s how
    SONY-ok- (MotorZoom)

    Two major Made in Japan brands come together to allow you to do, in a car, something previously unimaginable. What? It’s exciting: playing the PlayStation. Now you can.

    We dreamed of him little, it seemed like an illusion, a gamble: for the most part it was even a risk to fantasize about it. but now, He plays in car In the Play Station Achievable: How do we do it?

    Just (so to speak) round up a couple of Japanese giants like Honda and the Sony: And that’s it. A new relationship between the two will allow them to play Play Station in Machine. And it’s not fake news.

    deep understand between two gods giants The most famous in the world despite their differences production processes And commercial, It will allow a great breakthrough. With the arrival of the new techniques Related cars.

    In this sense, we are talking about future productions, in progress: and exploitation methodologies that will be mainly concerned with an item to entertainment. how? Soon it is said.

    Playstation in the car? Play – here’s the way

    It starts from the Sony catalog that includes music, movies and other entertainment on board, but not only: because, as mentioned, we get to the news oriented outperform the competition.

    PlayStation – (Motorzoom)

    It’s about an opportunity, as we mentioned, to be able to take advantage of Playstation 5. in how to do it? We explain it right away.

    like he said Izumi Kawanishi, president sony honda mobility, The future lies in meeting the needs of consumers with the aim of high-tech automotive-related functions.

    a Information and entertainment Thus, this resulted in a sanctioned agreement for the arrival of the real one accelerated who am i content, services and situation to Game in car.

    Playstation in the car: the technological revolution

    So the future will be there Playstation in the car. The absolute leader in the field of video game hardware, the console will be the tool that will allow this Honda to fly over competitor.

    honda1- (motorzoom)

    basically, Honda and Sony Move towards developing a hardware system that allows you to play in the car entertainment In the situation over the air, In short, without endangering anything inside the car.

    Safety, autonomous driving and services are always there: let’s imagine ourselves sitting inside one Honda And to be able to play Play Station. it will be reality, No more doubts.

    Absolutely not Safe timingIt will be necessary to push for structural and relational evolution that will allow technologies to be functional rather than failing.

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