PixelOpus closes: PlayStation Studios loses a team, let’s see the farewell message

    PixelOpus closes: PlayStation Studios loses a team, let’s see the farewell message

    PixelOpusa team member PlayStation StudiosHe announced on Twitter that “the adventure has come to an end.” While he doesn’t say it directly, we assume the team is standing by closes its doors.

    Specifically through your account TwitterThe company wrote: “Dear friends, our PixelOpus adventure has come to an end. As we look forward to a new future, we wanted to give our heartfelt thanks to the millions of passionate gamers who have supported us and our mission to create imaginative games. We are truly grateful!”

    PixelOpus He is the creator of Entwined and Concrete Genie. The latter was released in October 2019. After three and a half (plentiful) years, the team hadn’t made any announcements regarding new games: we can now assume that whatever they tried to create didn’t go well and that the company decided to close its doors.

    PixelOpus was one of the Smaller teams at PlayStation Studios And yet he has not yet published a true masterpiece. Entwined garnered a nearly adequate average and Concrete Genie was considered good but not high quality, at least when talking about international critics.

    Of course, it’s always a shame when a team fails and has no way of coming up with something new, especially since PixelOpus has all the potential to be PlayStation’s “indie games team.” Hopefully, all the people who used to work for the company can find new jobs, perhaps on other PlayStation Studios teams. We wish him our best.

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