Home Economy Pirate attack in Lazio: who keeps losing

Pirate attack in Lazio: who keeps losing

Pirate attack in Lazio: who keeps losing

The Lazio Region website He should have resumed his normal activity. However, many reports are still appearing on various Facebook groups regarding persistent certifications Damage.

The Lazio region Rest assured that the repercussions of the August 2 hacker attack on the corresponding site have already been eliminated and that the issues should be returned to national system.

However, there are shortcomings and many people find inconvenience not only regardingGet the green lane, but also for other services: here who keeps losing.

“I can’t get to the green lane”

The location of the Lazio region, afterpirate attack, Obviously the persistence of problems. In fact, regarding green traffic, the demand experiences are the most diverse and can be found in Facebook posts.

There are those who, for example, took the second dose and received author code To be able to download the certificate, but the QR code is invalid in some cases. However, there are still those who have to face the lack of registration and lack of response from assistance services for the underlying problems.

There are also those who are complaining that they have not yet been able to download the Green Passage after summoning Serum In June, therefore, some time ago now. Among other things, reports abound but remain unanswered and without any solution, at least for the time being.

Lazio’s response to the damage

In fact, the Lazio region He does not have the jurisdiction to be able to issue the Green Passport, a privilege that today remains exclusive to the government through a special platform app Io or Immuni.

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The task of the Lazio region is to send the data of people who have received doses of the vaccine to the national system, and in this sense,pirate attack that hit computer systems during the beginning of August inevitably led to delays.

For a week, the entire telematics system was blocked and this is what happened serious repercussions, despite the work of operating technicians, on the reservation of vaccines, on providing the green certificate of COVID-19 And not only. The inefficiency has caused the accumulation of delays which in turn leads to more problems for the users who have to make use of the services at the regional level.

Other shortcomings of the Lazio area of ​​pirate attack

Not only those who have to obtain a green pass continue to have problems, but also those who need services other than a green certificate. The inconveniences abound, moreover, it is not known for certain how long they will last, considering also that the longer the restoration of jobs is delayed, the more difficult it is to get rid of the waiting lists.

some family doctors I recently prepared a letter informing patients who are unable to access the district portal of their credentials because the credentials for this job have not yet been restored. This means harm to doctors and patients even after getting Green Certificate for Covid-19.

Furthermore, it appears that some of the section’s functions are intended for employment centers It still has problems and citizens are unable to access it, with many problems for those who need it Services to work Or for those who urgently need access to an online job center.

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