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Pignatone expands the halls of the Vatican court: a hearing also in museums in light of the extreme trial in the London building

Pignatone expands the halls of the Vatican court: a hearing also in museums in light of the extreme trial in the London building

Until th Vatican Will be him Maxyprosis. Everything is ready the indictments that will be A request by the Prosecutor of the Holy See after the investigation, It started in summer 2019, when purchasing a building Sloane Street By the state secretariat. As stated in a press release from Promoter of justice Pope, “is imminent Celebrating the judgment For the hypothesis of embezzlement committed in a competition “between different people. What will open soon will be the most important criminal trial of the rabbis Francesco To illustrate a story that has been fueled over the course of two years by the events of the Sacred Mansions, creating so few poisons. There are two indications that indictments will soon be issued and the names of the accused will be known. At the request of the President of the Vatican Court, Giuseppe Pignaton, The multi-purpose hall in the Vatican Museums has been converted into a courtroom. This room will be the one that will host the maximum operation.

The decision is dictated by some practical reason. Classroom Vatican CourtIn fact, it is too small to accommodate all the actors in the process. Which are presumably numerous given the current suspects, Taking into account the health measures that must be respected to avoid Covid infection. But there’s more. To reach the court, you have to enter the smallest country in the world, while access to the courtroom built inside the Vatican Museums is through the entrance that is used by thousands of visitors daily.

The second sign that the time for the operation is now ripe is the last Moto property Francis in the jurisdiction of the judiciary bodies of the Vatican. In fact, the Pope has amended the law in it To eliminate, Issued by himself only one year ago, proving that from now on the cardinals and bishops would be judged by Vatican Court With the prior approval of the Supreme Pontiff. Only so far Veto He was competent, always with the Pope’s approval, to judge cardinals and bishops in criminal cases. Thus Bergoglio abolished the so-called technically.Peer judgmentThe Court of Cassation is, in fact, formed by the Governor of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura, currently the Cardinal Dominic Mamberti, Who assumes the duties of the president, by two other members of the cardinals of the same circuit appointed by the president for a period of three years, as well as by two or more applied judges who are also appointed for a term of three years.

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standard This is what Francis made clear with the inauguration of the judicial year of the Vatican Court. On that occasion, in fact, the Pope emphasized that within the Church “all Institutional office ownersIt should carry a Acts – takes over – masterminds This, while indicating effective repentance, when necessary, in relation to the past, it is also irreplaceable and ideal for the present and the future. At this point, it will be necessary to take into account Priority need That, also, through appropriate legislative changes, the equality of all members of the Church and equality of dignity and stature appear in the current procedural system, without privileges that accrue over time and no longer correspond to the responsibilities that each individual bears in building the church. This requires solid faith and coherence in behavior and actions. Words that have now been turned into law.

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