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Physicist Giorgio Baresi is the first Italian in the Clarivate Citation Laureate classification (which includes 59 Nobel Laureates)

Physicist Giorgio Baresi is the first Italian in the Clarivate Citation Laureate classification (which includes 59 Nobel Laureates)

Satisfaction can only be great. Giorgio Baresi, Head of the Department of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences at the Accademia dei Lincei, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Sapienza University in Rome and Research Associate at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn), joined the classification Clarification of citation recipients, which includes researchers whose scientific publications are among the most cited in the world and is a kind of waiting room Nobel prize. Quoted from the world “Revolutionary discoveries related to Quantum chromodynamics and the study of complex turbulent systemsI”.

“I am very satisfied with the recognition of the laureates of the Clarivate Citation Award, because it is also the first time that this recognition has been given to an Italian person. Recognition of this nature is a collective award that extends to society; credit also goes to my more than 500 collaborators, with whom we have enjoyed trying to uncover Nature puzzles.I am very happy and honored to receive this prestigious award, not only for being in a very prestigious company, but also for taking it in the same year with my friend Jean-Pierre Chungu, The famous neurologist, a foreign colleague of the Accademia dei Lincei – says the physicist – It’s an interesting estimate. The ranking is based on information regarding the number of publications in order to select researchers who, on this basis, will have a chance of winning a Nobel Prize. Articles with more than 2,000 citations were selected for the list: these are about 6,500 of the approximately 52 million of those indexed from 1970 to today and represent just over 0.01% of the total considered. This criterion – notes Parisi – greatly restricts the field of scholars considered for citation laureates, which currently number about 380, including 59 Nobel laureates. “It’s an important thing and I don’t know why so far in the ranking they have never mentioned any Italian working in Italy. I am the first, hope it brings you luck!“.

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Active since 1989, the ranking is the result of the analysis made byinstitute of scientific information, which annually assesses the impact of the most influential researchers on the international scientific community. The analysis is carried out in the fields of research: medicine or physiology, physics, chemistry and economics, and it is a quantitative analysis and is based on the impact of the scientific publications of each researcher. Before Baresi, entered the standings in 2006 Mario CapicciHe was born in Italy but American citizen Active in the United States, winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Born in Rome in 1948, Baresi graduated in Physics La Sapienza, Rome In 1970 under the guidance of Nicolas Capepo and began his scientific career at Frascati National Laboratories in Infn, first as a member of the National Research Council (Cnr) (1971-1973) and then as a researcher at Infn (1973-1981). During this period he spent long periods abroad, first in Columbia University in New York (1973-1974), at the Graduate Institute of Sciences in Bures-sur-Yvettes (1976-1977), at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris (1977-1978). He was president of the Lincei Academy from 2018 to 2021.

His scientific contributions to various fields of physics are crucial: from the study of Elementary particles of statistical mechanics and fluid dynamicsFrom condensed matter to supercomputers. Complex systems such as neural networks, the immune system, and the movement of animal populations have been the subject of some more than 600 articles. In his career he received two scholarships from European Research Council (Erc) and some prestigious scientific awards such as Boltzmann Medal (1992), and Dirac Medal for Theoretical Physics (1999, la Max Planck Medal (2011), Wolf Prize (2021).

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