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Physical education in the gym or remote and the use of masks, USR Veneto indications



Note 1771 dated Jan 29, 2021 from Usr Veneto. Safety aspects related to school physical and physical education activities. Use of masks

With educational activities also in place for second-class schools resuming from February 1, the USSR is highlighting the safe conduct of curricular physical and kinetic education activities, particularly those that take place within school gyms.

Physical and practical physical education activities can be performed in the gym regularly, according to already known prevention measures, namely:

  • The distance of students from each other and between students and the teacher is not less than two meters during the activities;
  • A space of at least 1 meter between students in changing rooms.
  • Periodic hand disinfection for students and teachers;
  • Disinfection (for example with water and bleach) of the gym floor, gymnastic equipment and changing rooms when changing seasons;
  • Frequent broadcasts of the gym and changing rooms.

During physical and kinetic education activities, the mask can only be lowered if a personal distance of at least two meters is maintained between students. Therefore, the Soviet Union is advised to prefer activities
Individual physical and motor skills that allow this distance to be continuously guaranteed.

When climatic conditions allow this and in light of the ability to more easily maintain a personal distance of at least two meters during the lesson, we read in the note, it is recommended to carry out activities of physical and movement education in the open air.

For sports schools, the learning and experimentation of the techniques that characterize the different mathematical disciplines, given their essentially experimental nature, must be ensured to the fullest extent possible by the activities carried out in existence.

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In all cases where physical education activities cannot be carried out in existence, the teachers in charge will develop only the theoretical portion of the discipline in distance learning, and refrain from requiring students to engage in local motor activities, either synchronously or asynchronously.


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