Peru, blocking the four Italian tourists on their way to Cusco

    Peru, blocking the four Italian tourists on their way to Cusco

    After spending about 36 hours in a bus that was blocked by about a hundred demonstrators, the four girls – three from Bologna and one from Florence – were taken to enter the Italian Embassy in Lima, in connection with those in charge of the local police. , at a hostel – Hospedaje Quinta Rest – where they spent two nights.

    It was Opizzi, the only person with a working cell phone, who sounded the emergency alarm, warning that all the banned people were living in very difficult conditions. Since the arrest of former President Pedro Castillo, riots, rallies and roadblocks have broken out across Peru crippling not only ground traffic but also traffic at some important airports in central-southern Peru. The program anticipates that once in the city of Cusco, the girls begin the procedures to be able to embark on a direct flight to Lima, and then back to Italy.

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