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Pentagon, only 29% of young Americans are eligible to join the military. Obesity is the first problem

  Pentagon, only 29% of young Americans are eligible to join the military.  Obesity is the first problem

Washington, we have a problem. There are no longer military personnel, or rather, increasingly difficult to find. The number is not a surprise but has been confirmed by recent Pentagon surveys: only 29% are members of the Generation ZThat is, those born after 1997 would have the necessary characteristics to join the army. In absolute values ‚Äč‚Äčthis means 10 million out of 34 million. The most dangerous obstacle is Physical nature. obesity It cuts out 31% of young people in the United States, mainly in the United States Southern statesAnd the poorest in the Mediterranean and the traditional recruiting complex of the armed forces. else 10% are excluded due to a criminal record. They are okay 3.4 million young Americans Already on his shoulders is punishment for criminal acts of various kinds. The last limiting factor is Qualification, In fact, to become soldiers you need at least the equivalent of our high school diploma. These are factors that lead, in part, to bargaining or even reducing career opportunities. The army and employers then “Fight” To win this young American out of every three who can meet their needs.

The data makes an impression first and foremost about Social photography That appear. However, it is not necessarily a disaster for the armed forces. Ten million people is a gathering large enough to take advantage of to ensure a generational renewal of the armed forces. The biggest problem facing the Pentagon is that these guys look Far fetched. Fortunately, they grew up in years when the US Army was not the protagonist of the wars that could be compared to that of Iraq. The invasion of Afghanistan dates back to 20 years ago. So the US military is seen as something far away, more hypothetical than real. The common belief among youngsters is that to be part of the military, you need exceptional qualities. To try to dispel these ideas and “kick” the very young, the Pentagon recently launched an ad campaign, also featured on Youtube, authorized “the invitationThe aim is to spark a renewed interest in recruiting and bring them to the barracks 10 miles Recruits this year ah 35,000 in 2022. Hopefully the battles will be propaganda only.

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