Pelosi says she has not been briefed on Trump’s health


    “We get our information the way other people do – in the media,” Pelosi said during an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation”.

    “But as far as succession is concerned, this is an ongoing process. Unfortunately at this time, it is coming to the fore.”

    Pelosi, Who tested negative for Covid-19 on FridayShe added that she is praying for “good health” and “a speedy recovery” for Trump, while she hopes the episode “serves as an indication that we really have to do better in preventing the spread of this virus.”
    Her comments come while the president is still at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center To receive treatment after being transported there on Friday. At a press conference on Sunday, Trump’s doctors said that although the president has experienced at least two drops in oxygen levels, they hope it will be discharged early Monday.
    Trump's update raises more questions than answers, once again

    Pelosi said on Sunday that doctors treating Trump should provide trustworthy information to the public.

    “We have to trust the judgment of the doctors who treat him, and they don’t just make an offer – a notice, when they make a proposal to the press, the president must approve it,” she said. Adding: “This is not very scientific.”

    While at Walter Reed, Trump got into the ongoing stimulus negotiations over the Coronavirus, tweeting on Saturday, “The United States of America wants and spurs needs. Work together and get it done. Thank you!”

    In response to a question about the president’s message, Pelosi said Democrats “want to see that they will agree on what we need to do to squash the virus so we can open the economy and open our schools safely.”

    Pelosi met with Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin last week in an effort to reach agreement on an additional aid package to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. That effort has stalled, though Pelosi and Mnuchin continue to negotiate.

    House Democrats voted Thursday night to pass their own package, which has slim chances of being considered in the Republican Senate.

    Explaining the Democrats’ position, Pelosi said, “You can’t just say we need – we need to do something, but we’ll release the virus.”

    “Now, it’s being played for free in the White House,” she said. “Think about the situation in a slum where the president is insisting that children actually return to school in order to receive the funding he recommends.”

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