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Peacock, Italy’s live streaming service on Sky

Peacock arriva su Sky: anche in Italia il servizio streaming di NbcUniversal

The peacock is preparing to open his wheel also in Italy. A somewhat poetic way to say it Comcast Recently announced landing in our country peacock, a streaming service owned by NBC International Available to US subscribers in July 2020.

Peacock on the sky, advertising

“We are thrilled to make Peacock available to millions of Sky customers and add incredible value to their platforms through an outstanding catalog of the best NbcUniversal entertainment included with their subscription.”, He said Jeff ShellCEO of NbcUniversal.

The streaming service (which currently has 54 million subscribers in the US) will be made available to Sky subscribers not only in Italy, but Also in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In fact, the news was already expected in 2020, when the Peacock trademark was registered with the Trademark and Patent Office of the Ministry of Economic Development.

More than a year later, it was announced that the service and above all its content would also be available in Europe thanks to Sky, which is part of the Comcast group, which is also the owner of NbcUniversal and Xfinity, and the last phone company on TV on the Internet Xfinity FlexIn recent months, Peacock debuted, preferring to expand the audience of users of the service.

What will you find in the peacock?

The catalog that Peacock will bring to Italy will be very extensive: Peacock will be a great addition to Sky customers with over 7,000 hours of content at no additional cost., He said Dana StrongCEO of Sky Group. At the moment, the titles made are The Office, Rutherford Falls, Saved By Bill, Equalizer, Young Rock, The Kardashians, Suits NS Downton Abbey. But many other content will be made available, including TV series, movies, documentaries, children’s products, information and sports.

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When will the peacock arrive in Italy?

On the data Despite this, the first appearance of the peacock in Italy remains a mystery. The only indication in this regard is that the service will be available Before the end of the year. What is certain is that Peacock will be included in both the Sky offer and the Entertainment package this is now Sky ticket.

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