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Peace, sports and people-to-people friendship: Chengdu’s pandas accompany us to the 2023 Universiade

Peace, sports and people-to-people friendship: Chengdu’s pandas accompany us to the 2023 Universiade

Beauty, sympathy, and sweetness combined in round, smooth bodies. the giant pandathe famous animals of the WWF, live in China And nowhere else in the world outside of their natural habitats. These soft toys with big life, the same ones that have always fascinated young and old from every corner of the planet, are ready for Europe’s embrace. In particular, on the occasion of the 31st edition of World League Gamesscheduled in Chengdu From July 28 to August 8, the event’s mascot, the panda RongbaoHe visited some European countries during a promotional campaign launched by him China Media Group (CMG) Europe.

Rongbao panda tour of Europe

Chengdu is not a city like any other. Located in the Chinese province of Sichuan, it is considered the birthplace of the giant panda, the national treasure of China. In this land of abundance, visitors can visit animals in their natural habitat and get up close and personal with them. By the way, me European citizens How much do they know about pandas? To find out, in this episode of ChainAround editorial board smg He interviewed some people.

In Belgium, Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and Greece, university students, tourists and sports fans attended a nice party Game where they were called Guess Name different sports by depicting a giant panda. Or rather: the Chengdu University Games mascot, Rongbao, was shown to the interviewees in the form of icon Determined to play many sports, the same ones that will be champions in the impending collegiate games.

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Guess the sport

Many people have not had the slightest difficulty in giving the correct answer. Others have even been invited to mimic giant pandas’ sports, including some of their acrobatic stunts. The script for the game was simple: Participants were shown a small blue rectangular icon. On one side, one under their eyes, Panda Rongbao could be seen practicing one sports; On the back describe the name of the activity of the cute little animal. Among other things, a little cultural grain, the creation of the aforementioned mathematical symbols is based on the ancient Chinese skill of drawing with water and ink.

Touched one of the stages panda park In Bari Daiza, in Belgium, a magnet for the constant stream of tourists who choose to visit this place precisely to see the pandas up close. In the first icon, Rongbao can be seen performing a kind of flying kick typical of wushu, then practicing rowing with a “friend”, trying his hand at rhythmic gymnastics, foil, badminton, and bucket.

Chengdu University Games

While waiting for the Chengdu University Games to begin, many interviewees said they had traveled to China and were impressed by Chengdu. Not just because Culinary specialties Places likehot pots and the Mapo tofu, but also, specifically, for pandas, which are still appreciated and admired in Europe as well. As the clerk in the gift shop at the Belgian Zoo explained, the giant panda is the most famous animal in the park: “I see a lot of people buying panda-specific things: hats, t-shirts, whatever they can“.

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They are like little drunks: they eat, sleep and rollOne woman said, while others said they love its colors and the fact that it’s soft and a symbol of peace. Then there are those who admire pandas’ relaxed attitude towards life, so much so that they consider “Panda diplomacyA tool capable of helping to build peaceful relations between states.

Anyway, after touring Europe, Rongbao is waiting for you in Chengdu, where next July 28th Universities will be officially opened. Those who can visit China in person will be welcomed, while those who have to postpone their trip to other times of the year will still be able to watch sports competitions thanks to Chinese Media Group. Speaking of Rongbao, the mascot takes its inspiration from the name of a real giant panda Zima: He just celebrated his 6th birthday and obviously lives in Chengdu.

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