PC Revenue Won’t Be Tangled With PS5, Sony Recommends 32GB Of RAM – Nerd4.life

    PC Revenue Won't Be Tangled With PS5, Sony Recommends 32GB Of RAM - Nerd4.life

    With the announcement of the release of Back to the PC Some technical details about this version also arrive, arriving at the beginning of 2023 but apparently Without PS5 crossplay On the recommendation of Sony Bin 32 GB of RAM.

    Finally, during The Game Awards 2022 we saw the trailer for Returnal on PC, a diversion that has been hovering in the rumor mill for some time, and therefore with the opening of the Steam page we were also able to see the game system requirements for this new version.

    Returnal, screenshot of the game
    Returnal, screenshot of the game

    Convert to PC is co-developed by Housemarque and Climax Studioa British team that previously worked on several well-known titles such as Sudeki, Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles.

    Among the various information and technical specifications that we have seen, among other things, it appears that there is no crossover with the PS5 version: Returnal is mainly a single player game, but it has multiplayer elements that were added with the arrival of additional modes after the first major update that led to the mode infinite for Sisyphus Tower.

    With this a multiplayer mode has been added cooperativewhich, however, will be limited to users by platform: in short, PC gamers will not be able to play with PS5 players, based on reports and subject to any further updates.

    For the rest, the specs didn’t prove particularly expensive, even if the 32GB of RAM recommended by Sony and Housemarque seems a bit odd, perhaps due to the large amount of memory managing shaders, but we await any subsequent analysis.

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