PBS, America’s public television, also left Twitter after it was labeled “government-funded”.

    PBS, America’s public television, also left Twitter after it was labeled “government-funded”.

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    there PBS extension, American Public Television, left Twitter after the social network added a label to its name that it dubbed “Government Funded Media”. It is the second major news network to leave Twitter, having done so for the same reason NPR, American Public Radio. The same name has recently been attributed to BBCBritish Public Television, who strongly objected to the decision but remained on Twitter.

    The controversies arose from the fact that, according to the newspapers involved, such a designation would indicate their lack of independence and alleged unreliability of their journalistic work. in the beginning NPR It is classified as a “state publication”, which is the same definition used for state media of authoritarian regimes or non-democratic countries in general, such as Russia Today in Russia or Xinhua In China. The label was later changed to “Government Funded”, but that wasn’t enough to convince her NPR to stay on twitter.

    This new Twitter policy on labels attributed to some respected and trusted Western media is mainly due to its owner, businessman Elon Musk, who bought the social network in October and in recent months has repeatedly criticized the work of journalists and traditional media.

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