Home Economy Pay pensions in May 2021, INPS credit in advance from April 26

Pay pensions in May 2021, INPS credit in advance from April 26

Pay pensions in May 2021, INPS credit in advance from April 26

Payment of pensions, also in May 2021, INPS accreditation arrives in advance for those who receive pension payments, checks, pensions and accompanying allowances for disabled civilians through the Italian Post Office. The exception has now become the rule since the start of the pandemic. The calendar for backtracking starts April 26th and continues in alphabetical order.

Pay the pension in May 2021, Also confirm to Next monthly salary toINPS accreditation in advance For those who are adopted Italian Post To obtain retirement benefits, allowances, pensions and accompanying allowances for civilians with disabilities.

The group schedule begins Monday, April 26 And it continues on Alphabetical order. No one else will have to wait The first bankable day of the month, May 3rd.

Except for one Projected Road Map It has become the norm since the beginning of the epidemic.

Pay Pensions May 2021, INPS Credit Advance Draw From April 26

Already withOrder No. 740 of February 12, 2021It was civil protection I expectedPay pensions in a shorter time For the months of March, April and May.

The Pay pensions in advanceAnd, in alphabetical order, it’s set up to avoid post offices getting crowded.

The text reads:

“In order to allow the Poste Italiane SpA to manage access to its meters for the right holders to collect the above-mentioned services, in a manner consistent with the applicable provisions adopted in order to contain and manage the epidemic emergency from COVID-19, protect the rights of the same benefit holders, and pay retirement benefits, allowances and pensions Pension and associated allowances paid to civilians with disabilities, referred to in Article 1, Paragraph 302, of Law No. 190 and subsequent additions and amendments. […] Related to May 2021, from April 26 to April 30, 2021.

Civil Protection – Civil Protection Decree issued on February 12, 2021
More urgent civil protection interventions in relation to the state of emergency related to health risks associated with the emergence of diseases caused by infectious viral agents.
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Exchange from Payments in advanceHowever, it only affects those who receive the check they are entitled to By Poste Italiane. Everyone will have to wait until Monday May 3, 2021, the first bankable day of the month.

INPS file The news was published on April 21 By INPS defines:

“Since this is exclusively a down payment, the pension entitlement is due anyway on the first bankable day of the month.

Thus, in the event that the amount is not due after collection, INPS will request that it be returned.

In the table Calendar to follow To go to the post offices.

Pension disbursement date is April 2021 Alphabetical order
Monday 26th April 2021 Alternating current
Tuesday 27 April 2021 DJ
Wednesday 28 April 2021 Your Majesty
Thursday, April 29, 2021 NR
Friday, April 30 SZ

Pay Pensions May 2021, INPS Credit Advance Draw From April 26

Summarize, therefore, Pay the pension in May 2021 Starts from The due date varies:

  • Give Monday, April 26 For all those who depend on Poste Italiane;
  • Give Monday, May 3 For everyone who depends on banks.

This double track is now one Familiar from the start of the Coronavirus emergency And so far I have followed that Times of an emergency, Which has been extended by the government until July 31.

Anyway to see if it will follow in the coming months A projected road map We’ll have to wait A new civil protection law With reference dates.

For retirees It is not the only modernity Expected from the start of the epidemic crisis: Those over the age of 75 can, in fact, during the entire period of the health emergency apply Home delivery Thanks to the agreement that Poste Italiane entered into with the Carabinieri to support citizens who have not already authorized other subjects for their collection, do not have a book of accounts or a postal account and do not live with or near family members.

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