Pay off €200 per person sent by May 31st: don’t lose the money

    Pay off €200 per person sent by May 31st: don’t lose the money

    An unknown refund that many can ask for is 200 euros. Let’s see what needs to be done to take advantage of it.

    For expenses incurred in 2022 taxpayers I am waiting for my tax refund. Italians hate tax return season but a positive note is made by that can reach significant numbers It is precompiled that makes life easier. The pre-filled tax return is already available on the portal of the Revenue Agency and Italians reside I started checking it out these days.

    Not to be forgotten is the €200 payout –

    The month of May is especially rich tax dates. The first deadline to remember is Exemption from the RAI license fee Allowing you to save ninety euros annually. The most important date is the one with the tax return: from May 2, you can view the 2023 and From May 11th you can send it. In the pre-compiled form, the revenue agency has already reported i Income statements, deductions and payments.

    A deductible expense that many don’t consider

    Even deductible and deductible expenses are already entered, so the taxpayer only has to choose whether to Send it as is or edit it. Modification may consist of adding or correcting some data and adding others Deductible or deductible expenses not included in the agency. In what was previously compiled, there are many new features because the government has added and subtracted the expenses that it is It is possible to request a refund. CAF stresses how difficult it is to remember them all and many taxpayers do not use the deductions they are entitled to due to It may have been entered in the last budget and is not known.

    How to recover 200 euros –

    for adapted physical activity The taxpayer can request tax exemption by entering the amount spent In line G15. Up to 200 euros can go to those who spent the last year Real estate brokerage fees.

    If you purchased the property from To be used as a main residence And you can take advantage of the advice of the stock broker You can benefit from a discount of 19% with a spending limit of 1000 euros. To get these 200 euros is necessary Return real estate agent contract details and expenses incurred which obviously must be tracked.

    What to do to take advantage of this refund and when it will arrive

    To enter this data and benefit from the 200 euros, you need to connect to the platform of the Revenue Agency and authenticate with it SPID, Electronic Identity Card o National Service Card. At this point, you will have to check the accuracy of the data and finally include the items Related to real estate brokerage and other discounts. Refunds usually arrive within the month following the form submission. If you want to find it on your paycheck in July, it must be pre-compiled Edited and submitted by May 31st.

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