Paul McCartney is helping people grow urban parks across the UK

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    in the UK, Paul McCartney helps people grow their own vegetables in town with an ambitious “urban garden” project in memory of his wife, Linda.

    A year after the lockdown, the habit of growing fruit and vegetables at home has officially taken hold in all homes – with more than half of people starting to grow vegetables and fruits on their balcony, balcony, or garden in the past 12 years. This trend is particularly prevalent among the youngest and the reasons are more varied: saving money, helping the environment, adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, eating fruits and vegetables more often and. Many people want to be able to produce fruit and vegetables at home but don’t have the ability: The first big hurdle is the lack of space.

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    Sir Paul McCartney She and her family are trying to increase the number of gardeners in the home in memory of the late Linda McCartney. That is why the initiative was born ‘Grow your own with Linda‘(Literally’Grow your own garden with Linda‘). The aim of the initiative is to create arable areas in urban areas of Great Britain, and a guide on how to take care of your garden will soon be available on the site. Linda McCartney, the former Beatle’s wife, supported his campaign to promote a vegan diet and created the association Linda McCartney Foods For nearly 30 years.

    We are very excited to take this initiative across the UK and continue the legacy of kindness that Linda began with her plant-based food business 30 years ago – she says. Paul McCartney. Its purpose was to show that being nice to the planet doesn’t mean having to give up on good food. Through this project, we hope to encourage more and more people to grow and eat their own produce from the ground. Try it and enjoy ”

    The benefits of growing garden products that emerged from participating in the initiative are many. 72% of the participants found improvement in their mental health, while 68% felt encouraged to eat better food. Other benefits of growing your own food include contact with the outside world and nature (52% of respondents) and increased awareness of food production (29%). Last but not least, 48% of project participants believe that self-produced food tastes better than food bought in supermarkets.

    Source: Linda McCartney Foods

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