Panic in India, Nimr injured 13 people in different cities of Assam

    Panic in India, Nimr injured 13 people in different cities of Assam

    A tiger wounded at least 15 people, including women and children, in several attacks in a city in India. When it was attacked, a forest ranger told the Times of India, the cat was likely foraging in the town of Jorhat, Assam state. The animal roamed the streets of Jorhat: there is a forest nearby. In a video released by Indian news agency Ani, the predator can be seen jumping over a fence and then climbing into a car. A spokesman told local media that several people were being treated in hospital for bite injuries. The head of the Wildlife Trust of India, Rathin Barman, told the New India Express that the animal had been caught. Several fractures have been discovered in one of the cats’ legs: they will be treated and may have been caused by attacks on the leopard by people. Barman suspects that the cats’ aggressive behavior is also due to the fractures. In India, there are often conflicts between humans and wild forest animals like tigers and leopards. With deforestation, human settlements often move closer to the habitats of predators. This can lead to the depredation of livestock, which may lead to predators killing them in retaliation.


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