‘Panic’ If he rejects the card it’s bad, if he installs it it’s worse

    'Panic' If he rejects the card it's bad, if he installs it it's worse

    Pay attention to what happens to many Italians regarding ATMs. Let’s try to explain.

    An ATM is a tool that all Italians naturally use. But let’s see some concrete cases in which it is good to understand the meaning and consequences. Many things are changing for an ATM, and triple commissions will now be triggered for those who don’t withdraw from their bank’s ATM.

    But it is important to understand what happens when our ATM card is declined. If we are at the ATM but when the card is inserted We realize that the counter rejects it, returns it to the starting position and instructs us to restore it, it means that there is definitely a case of interest that we must decode. The tangible possibility is that the card has been demagnetized and therefore cannot connect to the ATM.

    Different situations to understand

    In such a case, after appropriate checks, we must request a replacement card. But another less alarming case is the case of the automatic teller machine (ATM) itself malfunctioning. Sometimes an indication of an ATM malfunction does not appear on the screen, but the fact that he is returning the card to us should make us understand that something is wrong and we should press to change the branch. In any case, if the ATM did not notify us of any malfunction and did not inform us that the withdrawal is not available, it is good to go to the bank and ask for explanations in order to avoid unpleasant surprises of various kinds.

    different case

    But let’s see what happens instead When our card is in the possession of the ATM. When we insert our card inside, the ATM immediately reads it even before entering the PIN code. In this first reading, so to speak, to remove the ATM comes into contact with some basic data of the card.

    Reserved Card: Attention

    How do we know if We misspell the PIN 3 times The card is kept for our protection. But if the card is captured as soon as it is inserted and is no longer returned, then the situations may be different here as well. It could be a minor malfunction of the ATM and this is not a serious problem because once the proper checks are made, the bank will return the card to us.

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    But failure to return it to us could also mean that criminals tampered with that ATM. So, if the card stays trapped inside without us mistyping the PIN three times, that’s definitely a bigger alarm case. And he must lead us as a precaution to call the number available to us for Card Ban. If the ATM has already been tampered with by malicious people, this will allow us to protect ourselves from nasty surprises.

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