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“Paltrinieri in Tokyo? Cautious optimism, he’s training. Let’s set the track” – OA Sport

  “Paltrinieri in Tokyo?  Cautious optimism, he's training.  Let's set the track

The Sitcoli Cup will be held from today until 27 June. The last public rehearsal before the Tokyo Olympics will take place at the Foro Italico pool in Rome due to the large presence of the Italian national team and a large group of foreign athletes.

A big rift overshadowed everything and everyone a little. The reference is Gregorio Paltrinieri. Federnuoto boss Paolo Barelli’s announcement of Greg’s health (mononucleosis) alarmed fans and not because Blue’s participation in Cinque Cerchi’s review is in jeopardy, it is he who had ambitions to win gold in the 800/1500 sl and in the 10km open water.

Italnuoto technical director provided important information Cesar Botini That, in an interview OA Sports (in partnership with Sport to You) in the last episode of Swim2U, revealing more details about the shape of Carpi:Gregorio is training, obviously handling a different workload than the ideal size. It is a developing situation that appeared a week ago and I can tell that it exists out of cautious optimism. It is clear that the health of the athlete always takes priority, but Let it be clear that if Paltrinieri goes to the games, as we all hope and hope, he will do so to compete at the highest levels and not just to participate. We are also reviewing his preparations for the training site. I add that our team is close to Gregorio and will support him to win this fight as well. He is a fighter with exceptional resilienceرون“.

Coming to Sitkuli, this event will have a special value: “We will define the framework for the relays, with the three components of the team’s freestyle trials (4 x 200 women, 4 x 100 women, 4 x 100 women). The three athletes who will take the top three places in the individual test will be part of the team, given the time achieved which slightly indicates the limits imposed in the absolute.DT underline.

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Trials in the United States and Australia gave an additional indication of the level Italy would achieve at the Games, but the national team would present itself without awe:In some disciplines we fall behind, in others I have to say we play it. In Japan, it will be a special context for the competition format that will require athletes to prepare one discipline for several days and this may affect psychologically. In essence, whoever wins will really be the strongest (mentally and physically)Bottini’s words.

Speaking about the selection of Bill Paese, the coach of the national swimming team clarified some aspects: “We will also make rational assessments from the point of view of individual tests, evaluating the quality of the athletes and therefore the possible additions. Ariana Castiglioni? You will not be able to compete in individual races, we are evaluating an alternative track.

In brilliance, the team will also be able to count on the new generation of swimmers, namely Benedetta Pilato, Thomas Ciccone and Federico Bordisso: “They are a source of strength for this and the upcoming Olympics. We wish the best, but their journey will definitely not end in Tokyo“.

Video interview with Cesar Botini

Photo: La Presse

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