Overwatch 2: Trailer reveals official roadmap for Season 4

    Overwatch 2: Trailer reveals official roadmap for Season 4

    Blizzard made it with a trailer Season four roadmap to Monitoring 2which will open its doors Tuesday, April 11, 2023revealing what’s coming to players in the coming months, which includes new playable heroes, modes, and events.

    We already know and see Lifeweaver in action, the new support hero that will be available when the next season of the multiplayer shooter launches. Other new additions include skins and customizable items available in the store and on Battle Pass “Space Opera”. Among them is Sigma’s legendary “Galactic Empereor” skin.

    It is also set to be a file“Starwatch” event for a limited time From May 9th to 22nd, with new game modes, skins and digital comics, all “vaguely” inspired by a certain movie saga with space battles and lightsabers. But starting from June 1, the Pride Celebration event will start.

    Overwatch 2 season 4 road map

    In Season 4, there will also be space for the LifeWeaver Challenge and Symmetra Challenge with themed challenges for these characters with free skins up for grabs. From April 25 to May 1, it will also be possible to fight it talentisa map made by the Overwatch 2 community.

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