Overwatch 2: Story Mode has been cancelled, but PvE missions are on the way

    Overwatch 2: Story Mode has been cancelled, but PvE missions are on the way

    Blizzard has announced a roadmap for the next few months Monitoring 2revealing that PvE quests will be introduced in Season 6 (mid-August – early September), which though does not “Story modePresented in 2019 with the game, which instead have been cancelled And it is no longer part of the developers’ plans.

    As we can see in the image below, co-op story-related quests will be introduced in Season 6. The roadmap doesn’t offer further details, but thanks to an interview that game director Aaron Keller and executive producer Jared Neuse gave to GameSpot, we know this isn’t the actual “Hero Mode” that has been advertised in the past, complete with progression system and the ability to equip heroes with skills different from those used in PvP.

    The team justified the decision, stating that this would allow the developers to do so Focus on the live service component of PvP multiplayersuch as new maps, heroes, modes, and so on.

    In any case, not all original ideas will be discarded, and as mentioned in the opening, the developers have made it happen Co-op missions are planned That would expand the story and lore of the Overwatch universe.

    “As we got closer to releasing Overwatch 2, we knew we couldn’t make this other game,” Keller said. “We knew it would take years to finish, and in doing so, we took away more and more resources from the people who were going to play our game (PvP) and all the people who were going to play Overwatch 2.”

    “So, late last year, we decided to focus all of our efforts on the live service component and all of our efforts in PvE on the new story arc we’re launching in Season 6.” Keller added that in addition to the co-op missions already announced, the team will continue to create other PvE content that will be introduced in upcoming seasons.

    However, there is still a bitter taste in the mouth, given that the announcement of the story mode itself was received with great enthusiasm and many players were eager to try it out during 2023, as Blizzard previously promised.

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