Overwatch 2: Lifeweaver announced, a new support hero

    Overwatch 2: Lifeweaver announced, a new support hero

    Blizzard officially announced Survival birdnew Hero support to Monitoring 2which will be introduced in the game along with the fourth season, at the moment the company has not released any details on this matter, limiting itself to showing the character in some images.

    All the information about Lifeweaver should be released to the public tomorrow, we fantasize with a trailer and official statement. So we just have to wait.

    Now let’s see a gallery with an extension The first four photos by Lifeweaver.

    In fact, in the past few hours, PCGamesN published a preview article that gave all the details on the topic, and interviewed the development team. Then he learned that for Lifeweaver’s design, Blizzard was so inspired by Thai culture that its debut in the game would coincide with the Thai New Year.

    He has healing powers, sourced from his invention, Biolight, a technology he uses to heal those in need. His nature is generous and thorough. Ha other skills It’s the Petal Platform, which creates a pressure platform that rises when someone (from either team) steps on it, and the Life Grip, which secures an ally and lures them to the Lifeweaver. However, his main ability remains Healing Blossom, a new area healing ability.

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