Overseas Asti wine sales growth, the United States is the first “Made in Asti” buyer

    Overseas Asti wine sales growth, the United States is the first “Made in Asti” buyer

    The Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria Asti, in collaboration with the Foreign Center for the Internationalization of Piedmont, has organized an upcoming event with European buyers in the wine sector. The initiative envisages two days of bilateral meetings, one of which is in Asti, where 30 wineries from the two provinces met nine foreign operators from Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

    More than five appointments for each company to showcase the reality of their production and taste their wines, thus laying the foundations for future business developments. In total, more than 150 business meetings took place over the two days.

    It is the first initiative of this kind after the lockdown – Comments by Gianpaolo Cocia, President of the Chamber of Commerce – We decided to start with the wine sector because it plays a role In the foreground for the territory of the two provinces. In fact, there are more than 4,700 wineries and agricultural and industrial enterprises, of which 240 are operated by youth under the age of 35 and 1,260 are female-owned. My wish – adds the chief – that events such as the one that just concluded can become an effective tool for approaching foreign markets, in particular for small businesses, which represent more than 90% of the entrepreneurial fabric in our region.

    Wineries and agricultural and industrial projects in Asti province There are a total of 2,913, of which 151 are run by youth under the age of 35 and 756 are owned by women.
    Foreign sales of wines and spirits from the province of Asti in 2022 approached 536 million euros, representing 14% of total exports. Wine sector record a positive trade balance For 428 million euros, equivalent to 23% of the total balance.
    Cross-border sales of alcoholic products in 2022 showed a 15% growth compared to the previous year. 73.3% of exports, equivalent to a turnover of 392 million euros, are absorbed by European countries, led by Germany, which buys alcoholic beverages with about 60 million euros, followed by France (33 million), and the United Kingdom (32 million). and Russia (30 million), Belgium (28 million), Spain (23 million), Poland, Latvia and Switzerland with purchases of about 13 million each.
    The American continent buys alcoholic products for 117 million euros, more than 90% of which is absorbed by the United States, First buyer of “Made in Asti” wineFollowed by the Asian continent, with purchases exceeding 22 million euros. The main buyers here are South Korea, Japan, China and Israel.
    On the other hand, exports to Oceania and Africa were more contained, purchasing wine products in 2022 for 2.2 and 1.1 million euros, respectively.

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