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Over 80 Vaccines Also From Their Doctor – Chronicle

Over 80 Vaccines Also From Their Doctor - Chronicle


Beaulieu *

The coronavirus and influenza vaccination campaign is going well in the clinics of family physicians who have committed (about 70%) to administer both vaccines. Patients over the age of 80, who were actively recalled by their GPs in this first phase, have shown that they greatly value the participation of their doctors in the vaccination against Covid.

It is therefore clear, once again, how essential the role of the physician is in increasing vaccination coverage, especially for the most vulnerable segments of the population. The proximity to patients and the relationship of trust that the family doctor has with his clients is crucial to the successful completion of a public health process such as vaccinations. Doctors will also vaccinate patients who do not have access to the clinic, either in their homes or in residential facilities where they are guests. The launch of COVID vaccination without much hindrance has also depended on adequate supply, in time and quantity, of vaccines for general practitioners who are positioned to make their own contribution. The vaccination campaign will continue with influenza vaccination for more than 65 patients and vulnerable (carriers of certain diseases).

* Regional Secretary General WIMG Bologna

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