Home science Outdoor sports: Porto Torres has a park with a fitness area

Outdoor sports: Porto Torres has a park with a fitness area

Outdoor sports: Porto Torres has a park with a fitness area

A standard area of ​​about 500 sq.m. to be used as a fitness area, and a space with gym equipment located in Via Bertini, at the corner of Via Monte, in Porto Torres.

The space occupied by Italgas warehouse is being used temporarily for the storage of equipment and materials used to install the control units. But due to the temporary closure of indoor sports, such as gyms and swimming pools, public space can be an opportunity for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, for whom exercise has become increasingly complex.

The proposal to turn the area into an outdoor sports park comes from the chair of the Environment Committee, Massimo Leda: “It is a kind of compensation that we require from the company that has given us the construction site as a management concession, which must be cleaned and rearranged before it can be directed to a park and a place for individual training and life paths.”

An outdoor gymnasium equipped with equipment for gentle gymnastics for the elderly. Specialist Commissioner Daniel Amato and all of the commissioners who shared the idea of ​​reclaiming the area to create green zones participated in the Bertini Road search.

“The company can restore the city by creating a park with green spaces in this kiosk – Chancellor Sebastiano Sasso added – and a welcome and gathering point to encourage the usual presence of citizens for walks and sports in the open area.”

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