‘Outdoor masks are useless’: What is changing in Britain and France

    'Outdoor masks are useless': What is changing in Britain and France

    If it is not a crusade against some of the scientific dogmas that have accompanied us so far in the fight against Covid-19, we are close to it. France e United kingdom They are reviewing most of the key measures to combat SARS-CoV-2 to adapt them to the ongoing new emergency phase. An increasingly endemic stage which, at least from the intentions of Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson, could finally allow us to open a serious dialogue about the much-acclaimed “return to normalcy”.

    Paris and London: There are no outside masks

    Commitment to wear outdoor masks It is the first column that is about to collapse. Two French administrative courts, in Paris and Versailles, suspended a provincial ruling requiring that, from December 31, citizens wear masks even outdoors. The scale was defined as “excessive interference“,”Disproportionately“And what’s more”Not suitable for individual freedom“The UK, which has never enforced the outdoor obligation, will only keep personal protective equipment used indoors closed places and on Transportation.

    While waiting to understand whether the ‘French Revolution’ on masks will have ripple effects in other states, it is interesting to take a look at Scientific reasons behind this transformation. First, the chances of injury inin the fresh air They are certainly less than indoors, and differ from four to 20 times less. As if that weren’t enough, the numbers tell us that only 10% of known infections with chain infections would have occurred outdoors, moreover after long-term contact. If we add to all this the practice of preserving social distance, game over. SARS-CoV-2 can indeed be transmitted through droplets of saliva, but this is difficult to do when there are two meters apart.

    Living with covid

    Another prop that can be offered in advance – at least in the UK – is green pass. In London, the green certificate was introduced a month ago to allow entrances to discos and mass gatherings, but its early removal cannot be ruled out. On the other hand, the numbers of epidemic smiles in the UK, given that infections and hospitalizations are decreasing, it seems that the most sensitive moment is over. In short, Omicron could have reached its peak, and continuing to insist on drastic measures would have had no positive effect. In Downing Street, the mantra remains the same: you have to learn to live with the virus, because this virus cannot turn into a permanent emergency.

    So, what are the next moves for the UK and France? As for London, we are waiting to understand what will happen next January 26, when the anti-Covid measures contained in Plan B to fight Omicron will be reviewed. Now that the shock wave of the variable has been absorbed, public opinion expects lightning General: not only in the limitations–which have always been moderate in these parts, if compared to those in other countries–but also in the communicative tones of the political world. But in Paris, government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, spoke of a new law on the use of outdoor masks that the Ministry of the Interior will adopt in the coming days. It remains to be seen what happens to vaccination permit Macron asked loudly, considering that at the moment the certificate of completion of the vaccination course – which will appear when entering public places – is frozen in Parliament.

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