OS: Implications of CGIL, CISL, and UIL for the new format of the health interest

    OS: Implications of CGIL, CISL, and UIL for the new format of the health interest

    It does not read “… an estimate of this figure” s8 in the memorandum sent by the unions to the regional structures in connection with the meeting of 11 April in the Conference of the Regions regarding the revision of the OSS profile

    Not only the national secretariats attended the meeting Fp Cgil, Cisl FP, and Uil FPLHealth Authority technicians and a representative of the Ministry of Health.

    The committee coordinator explained to the executive office. SS. Present two working hypotheses, the first relating to B Review the profile of the social health worker – referred to in the state agreement for the region dated February 22, 2001 – and the second related to the establishment of a The new health authority number It aims to replace the OSS with complementary training, under the State and Territories Agreement of January 16, 2003.


    “In essence, – reads the note, – with regard to the improvement proposals presented by CGIL, CISL and UIL at the conference on the review and strengthening of the Social Health Care Operator, in fact, the technical table re-proposes the OSS file without certain modifications to the 2001 agreement, and therefore does not lead to an appraisal true to this figure.

    The Committee also made clear its intention to introduce a new professional figure, whose denomination is not currently defined – and who, after attending a specific training course, is entrusted with the task of providing support to nurses, to respond, therefore declared, to the growing health needs of the population and which are manifested in different ways in the regional and hospital fields and sanitary, social, medical and social, which must be entrusted with more complex activities and which, in the public sector, must be recognized as a contractually superior framework – in the field of assistants – and a consequent higher salary.

    It is a project that may also have the unstated goal of addressing the nursing shortage by “replacing” part of the activities of professionals. Obviously OO. SS. The real issues underlying the shortage of health professionals remain open (inadequate wages, workloads and conditions, regulatory constraints on recruitment, etc.) Suitable employment compared to other European countries as well.

    In connection with the creation of this new role, as well as the failure to exploit whatever is already in place, we have expressed our bewilderment by highlighting potentially critical issues, including regulatory ones, which the entry of this new number would risk generating – specifically The particular is within the scope of multidisciplinary teams of professionals – in relation to some of which we have already anticipated any corrective measures being taken for which we reserve the right to obtain better detail through specific adjustments which we will provide as soon as possible.

    In particular, we emphasized how this figure – if it is set – should above all represent a real path to consolidation for those who, currently included in the OSS profile, want – on a voluntary basis – to try to access this new profile, if on the one hand , entails greater responsibilities and, on the other hand, must guarantee in all contexts, public and private, a better contractual and economic framework.

    To favor these paths of redevelopment – which should in no way cause any interference with the paths of valuation also conceived by art. 21 of CCNL 2/11/22 – As an exception to possession of a secondary school qualification, we have now required an assessment of qualifying experience already gained in an OSS profile (more than 24 months).

    We have also highlighted how disciplined and strictly regulated the training giving access to the new profile must be, in such a way that the standards are uniform across the national territory, and thus in no continuity with respect to what has happened so far with the OSS profile.

    Essentially, although it does not reflect the OSS profile improvement process that we have jointly supported and have retained any further assessment based on the feedback what the modifications that we will jointly draft will be necessary for us, we believe they are necessary to continue the discussion on the proposal you drafted Commission for its purpose can lead to its improvement significantly.

    To this end, we will require the Authority as a matter of priority:

    • To implement measures aimed at combating contractual dumping in the private sector by recognizing this figure in labor contracts at the same contractual cost envisaged for public health;
    • In order to clarify the responsibilities that operators will have in carrying out their labor activity, and above all in connection with this, we have highlighted the need for further protection, especially insurance, and the need for a possible extension of the effects of the Jelly Act;
    • To deal with the dreaded need – to access the new profile – to possess an OSS profile accompanied by a high school diploma and experience in an OSS profile for at least 24 months to allow real rehabilitation for these operators, to compensate for the lack of a diploma with more experience gained in the OSS profile;
    • To provide for the establishment of a valid national registry of property and for this new number to the Health Authority”

    Thus ends the memorandum of association.

    Editorial staff, Nurse Times

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