Orwellian repression, brutality and control: What is happening to Australia’s anti-Covid action?

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    Rome, there are 2 – lo empty wordsAnd. of words and of reality, because the two are clearly inextricably linked: we have already mentioned, in another article in another newspaper, the weight and power—almost magical and certainly cosmic—of words, of its use and abuse And in an age when there is a strong trend towards the image as the preferred medium, we can consider the latter as an alternative to the former.

    Looking closely at what has just been said, we would have liked to read in-depth information about the management of the epidemic by Sweden, which has adopted policies in opposition to our country, but also to the rest of Scandinavia or Japan orAustralia.

    Yes, because if it is necessary to understand how to counter the pandemic with less oppressive social and economic consequences, it is also necessary to know how it could be managed in a decidedly worse way and not, in mind, to please the reader but rather to warn him: The worst may be out of reach.

    Australia: What’s going on?

    Australia, a locally grown orange picking paradise, land of wild and rugged natural beauty today, with its neighbor New Zealand, seems to be on the cutting edge. More stringent and incomprehensible measures aimed at containing the Covid pandemic. So, after setting Close Alice Springs at the end of June reported a single injury – a city more than eight hundred kilometers from the nearest urban center – In an article published in early August in the Chinese newspaper Global Times, Australia returned to the headlines thanks to the signature of reporter Lu Xue who in turn cites Professor Chen Hong, former manager of Australian Studies Center DelEast China Normal University Which defines the decision to send the army to contain Covid as “An extreme measure of cruelty among nations[1]. Words like these appearing in an important Chinese newspaper should sound alarm bells, given the policies implemented by the Asian giant.

    harsh repression

    Pictures of protests and riots from the land of kangaroos where The mask is also required from the outside, under a fine of $500 (AUD) and where protesters without permission could face fines of up to $5,500 (AUD). In an article by Rebecca Davis, featured in yahoo news australia, the reporter reports on policy proposals calling for penalties of up to A$11,000 for those who They spread misinformation on the net. Disreputable fake news. One of the most disturbing episodes happened in September of last year, when a A pregnant woman is arrested and detained At her home in front of her children, with the accusation linked to a protest post published by the same site on Facebook[2]:

    When one of the officers was asked about the reason for the arrest, he said, “It is related to a post on Facebook, in relation to the lockdown demonstration I gave that day only.”

    But that’s not all, of course: videos like Dr. Keri Chant, Chief Healt Officer In New South Wales, which advises against Even start a simple conversation with your neighbors to avoid infection[3], or excessive police force in connection with searches and even removal of minors[4] If there is any doubt that the rules indicated by the government to stop the virus are not being followed strictly. land where i am Drones monitor mask wearers Or those who are far from home[5].

    Protests and clashes continued

    Even these days, street demonstrations (those defined in Europe as “square”) with orange jackets, construction workers in this case, continue in Melbourne – the city that beat Buenos Aires for a while. Close[6] heroes of clashes with the police but also in many other cities, where, according to some protesters, in addition to having to confront Police brutality[7], the social networking platform Facebook would have taken steps to disable the possibility of direct He lives. Needless to say, if such incidents happened in Russia instead of, say, Australia, we would see Daily disdain for unified networks, upheld by the usual defenders of the liberties so popular in the so-called West.

    Anti-Covid Australia: a mixture of Orwellian brutality and oppression

    To conclude this brief presentation of disturbing colors, we recall two obscure episodes: we begin with the story of a man who was arrested with what we can define as TSO in Australian Salsa[8] They were forced into a medical containment facility. Even the man, a father of two, was reported by his wife to the police[9] Based on his views on COVID management[10] The second recalls the method of intimidation of the mother mentioned above, where an Australian citizen receives the house of three policemen who question him about his condition. Capabilities Intent to participate or not to participate in the events we have already mentioned[11].

    Episodes that have that dystopian flavor that we find in literature and cinematography. A clear and unattainable goal which can easily be defined as a single goal Post-democracy, is to keep infection to zero, Overwhelming any kind of rights. The fear is that the labs to be feared are essentially social engineering labs and not those of another species and that the most deadly viruses are those of disinformation and deliberate, ruthless and effective social stratification. Almost as if it were one of those labyrinths where rats are tested and conditioned by specific reinforcements and/or punishments to obtain a specific outcome for the behaviors.

    No, but think about it, it’s just delusion[12]: On the other hand, the news never talked about it.

    Valerio Savioli

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