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Opi FVG, Minister of Health: A new joke by Italian nurses.

Opi FVG, Ministro della salute: nuova beffa per gli Infermieri italiani.

Subscribers Nursing occupations orders of Friuli Venezia Giulia, They learn deeply confused by Ben’s decision Minister of Health and President of the State Regions Conference to enable through a Memorandum of Understanding and after the FAD course (remotely), The professions that are part of the Federation of Technical Health Professions Orders, Rehabilitation, and Prevention, and the Syndicate of Biologists to administer Sars-Cov2 vaccines.

To protect all nurses and above all for the safety of citizens, because it is not just an act to insert a needle into the muscle, but to ensure the health of the vaccinators who can undergo negative reactions and only get sick and in extreme cases, they can save their lives, and this certainly does not lie in the skills and abilities of other professions .

For this reason, the regional coordination of the orders of the nursing professions of the FVG was sent A memorandum for its national federation calling on it to intervene urgently to protect the nursing profession, acquired skills and their degree course.

The protocol also stipulates the government’s commitment to allocate the necessary resources. The above is prof Further attack on the professional identity of the Italian nurses. The “heroes” have been forgotten and increasingly mistreated by the state.

OPI Pordenone President (Dr Luciano Clarizia)
OPI Gorizia President (Dr Gloria Gioresin)
Head of OPI Udine (Dr. Stefano Giglio)
Chair OPI Trieste (Dr. Christina Brandolin)

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