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Open air restaurants and one-on-one classes in the gym

Ipotesi riaperture da maggio: ristoranti all

Minister of Health Roberto Speranza He reaffirms the dates for the reopening: “The current decree continues until April 30th, I think it is definitely reasonable to expect them to MayThus, the next month is the month in which we can, once again, data permitting, see gyms and restaurants opening.

Esperanza A. said. “We will have to plan for a gradual exit from the more restrictive measures.” Door to door, “We need to be careful, because taking a longer step can bring us back.

But the government’s will is heading in a direction Check infection data week by week, And build a method that allows us to resume a series of activities, but without the risk. Start again safely. ”

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The regions, through a coordination group, are working on a proposal to update the existing epidemiological risk assessment criteria. the number of Vaccinations Provided by the regions, especially to the most vulnerable groups. The proposal is expected to be discussed at the State and Territories Conference on Thursday, where guidelines for reopening economic activities will also be discussed.

The turning point for restaurants has to come from the summer and thus the usability of the outdoor space. The premise is to open for lunch and dinner. We are also working on new standards for the reopening of gyms, initially with individual lessons only, museums, admission by reservation only, and cinemas and theaters occupied by up to 50% at most.

They should come back The four colors: White, yellow, orange and red. Spaces and Masks will remain. However, the curfew will be moved from 10pm to midnight. Hence the possibility of the evening opening of bars and restaurants. The hope is that the high school students, who have been hit hardest by their dad thus far, will also have attended the last month of school. There is no date for the discotheques, and the exhibitions will likely start again in July.

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The entire plan is now at risk before Prevent distribution of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. With this vaccine available, the campaign can save the presumed times. “We went from 180,000 to 300,000 vaccines on average per day, but the provinces are able to reach 400,000 very quickly, and in September we will be able to get herd immunity,” Minister Gelmini told TgCom24. We are trying to expedite, we use the doses available to us, and starting from April 22, we will have 8 million doses that will allow us to reach 400 thousand doses per day. ”

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