OnePlus Pad has finally been launched in Europe and the UK

    OnePlus Pad has finally been launched in Europe and the UK

    OnePlus may have introduced the OnePlus Panel in febBut had to wait until the end of April before the company The company announced Prices for Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. According to OnePlus, the inaugural tablet was scheduled to arrive in Europe and the UK on April 28. However, that day has come and gone without changing OnePlus Pad availability outside the US.

    Instead, it took OnePlus until the third week of May to bring the OnePlus Pad to the UK and Europe. Note that the OnePlus Pad is available in both markets in a single memory configuration. As we discussed in last month’s review, the OnePlus Pad comes in Halo Green with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, which the company is complementing with a processor. Size 9000 and an 11.6-inch IPS screen. be seen Our review For more details and our thoughts on OnePlus’ first attempt at creating an Android tablet.

    The OnePlus Pad is priced at £449 in the UK and €499 in the Eurozone. Initially, OnePlus said it would not ship a charger with the OnePlus Pad, following in the footsteps of many smartphone makers. However, first orders in Europe and the UK will receive a free 65W SUPERVOOC power adapter and a 30% discount code on the OnePlus Quick Keyboard. For reference, the Keyboard retails for £149 / €149, while the OnePlus Stylo and OnePlus Folio Case retail for £99 / €99 and £59 / €59 respectively. As it turns out, OnePlus will be honoring these promotions until June 18th.

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