On the Eurovision stage, “energetic” songs dominate. Here’s the musical mood

    On the Eurovision stage, “energetic” songs dominate.  Here’s the musical mood

    to Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Nielsen’s Gracenote analyzed all the winners of previous editions and songs in the contest this year to shed light on which musical moods resonate most with the audience. This year, 24 out of 37 songs in the Eurovision Song Contest express one of the 10 most “energetic” moods and 17 are rated “energizing”, “exciting”, “heavy” or “healthy”, at the highest level. To classify mood.

    Ten of the songs that will participate this year are neutral, according to Adnkronos. Only the songs performed by Armenia, Georgia and Romania convey a calmer atmosphere. The most popular mood among this year’s champions is “Energizing,” with seven songs belonging to this category. Followed by the song “Motivation” with six songs, then the song “Shawq”, which was the most popular mood in the last release, with four songs. Italy, like Estonia, Lithuania and Switzerland, compete with moody song “Bramoso”, a category winner on six previous occasions, most recently the Netherlands winning in 2019. Austria, Iceland, Israel, Malta, Moldova, Poland and favorite Sweden have performed songs with an “energizing” accent inspired by Winners of 2018 (Israel), 2012 (Sweden) and 1978 (Israel).

    Azerbaijan, Cyprus, France, Greece, the Netherlands and Ukraine have performed “motivational” songs, hoping to emulate the seven previous winners in this category: Luxembourg 1972, West Germany 1982, Luxembourg 1983, Switzerland 1988, Ireland 1992, Ireland 1993, Russia 2008 Denmark, Ireland and Portugal will sing the tunes. “arousing”. Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom will be “reckless” songs, while “Incalzanti” will be Albania, Norway and Slovenia.

    Currently, 7 of the top 10 contenders that the betting is focusing on this year express a more energetic mood and they all display one of the four moods that have prevailed in recent years: “energizing”, “exciting”, “impulsive” or “pressure”. So it seems likely that the top 5 songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will continue to follow the recent trends of the most successful songs.

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