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On the Beach with a Porsche Cayenne: Bad Idea – Auto World

In spiaggia con il Porsche Cayenne: pessima idea

One’s favorite home Porsche It is asphalt whether it is a road or a track. Zuffenhausen super sports cars are distinguished by their genetics that have always put them at the forefront among road cars with the most attractive driving dynamics. In recent years, the range has also expanded to include SUVs, with high-wheel models adding some off-road modes to the all-wheel drive system.

An element that makes Porsche cars invincible and ready for any situation. owner Cayenne that ended in cover-up You stumble upon an American beach. A situation that did not go unnoticed, so much so that it was immediately picked up by attendees who posted the video of the banned SUV on the beach. The driver tried to break the deadlockThey ask for help from some of the people on the beach who helped push the Porsche Cayenne.

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However, the result was not the desired result, at least in the few seconds that the video testimonial gave us: in fact, in the photos it is more The amount of sand that the wheels stir Desperate for the mileage traction of a German SUV. Before dealing with the beach with his Cayenne, the owner had to take into account all the variables of the condition. Who knows if at the end of the day a high-wheeled Porsche will be able to get back on the road or stay put to keep the seagull company waiting for a tow truck to step in.

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